Counselling for Couples

Relationships! Any couple know that there can be intense challenges to openly loving and respecting or even understanding each other. We are conditioned to believe in the happy-ever-after of romantic love, and can end up disillusioned by the reality of how our partner actually feels, communicates, behaves and thinks. Relationship difficulties can evoke such painful feelings of being alone, unappreciated, betrayed, worthless and hopeless. Healthy relationships are challenged, through life’s knocks such as illness, caring for family members, work pressures, or retirement to name a few; or simply the passing of time leads to the relationship being neglected.

I am trained in Dr. Sue Johnson's (author of “Hold Me Tight”) Emotionally Focussed Therapy which provides a warm and supportive yet clear and direct approach. There is encouragement to address what happens between you without attributing blame or getting caught in all the detail. I will help you both to express, understand and empathise with your own and each other's feelings and needs underneath the arguments or silences. Although arguments and sliences create disconnection and pain, they are usually either an attempt to reach each other, or to protect oneself and keep the peace in the relationship. As this becomes understood between you, a greater security and trust in your importance to each other and the value of your relationship can then begin to take shape and strengthen your bond.

This may renew hope, and a loving appreciation of your relationship and partner with depth, maturity and a sense of humour.